William Hood,




As with my tradition, I select a verse from God's Word each year
for Pecan Baptist Church. I try to select a verse
that helps our congregation grow and mature in Jesus Christ,
as a body and as an individual.  To be conformed  to the image of Christ.

Our verse for 2018 is one of the 8,810 promises of God in 
scripture.  Obedience to this promise will bring a reward.

This promise and verse for 2018:
Galatians 6:9  'And let us not be weary in well-doing for in due season
we shall reap, if we faint not.'

We need to encourage, support and 'stand together' in order not to be tired or discouraged in our daily walk and relationship with Christ. 
Know that with each struggle, trial, test and temptation, the 
Lord will help us grow in grace and knowledge in Jesus Christ.

I invite you to visit Pecan Baptist and experience with us, as we seek 'to be conformed to the image of Christ.'

-God Bless You-
Bill Hood- Pastor of Pecan Baptist Church

Tim Millican
Tod Reed - Chairman
James Andrews
Roy Blair
Riley Waldrop